Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where were we?

 A little unorganized and not yet to present day, but a blog entry nonetheless. I couldn't resist sharing these pics even though they aren't the most recent!
 Above: I love how kids like to dress: Easter hat, home depot apron, while daddy blows up a punch ball/balloon.  Below: We love helmets for biking activity!
 Mia loves to swing!
 And Alison too!
 This is from Alison's ultrasound of her kidneys.  She did great!
 Alison's first swimming class last winter....
 Go Mizzou Tigers!

 Alison is helping us make breakfast. Yummy!
 And Mia helps taste test!
 Charlie in his Christmas outfit
 Hard to believe how much Alison has grown since this...!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review of Summer part 2 (as we just found out that we will have 6 more weeks of winter!)

Pardon the neck stretches you may need to do through some of this.  I am not having luck figuring out turning pictures lately...  Above: Charlie's big sisters love keeping track of their baby brother!  Below: The McBride's came out from Philly for a summer visit.  Anna was excited about meeting her newest cousin!

Charlie is studying Aunt Kelly

A trip to Worlds of Fun!
Charlie's cake for Baptism celebration (which of course I do not have pics of at the moment)
First smiles!

We love laundry basket rides around here!
And using them for fun seats as well...
Alison was invited to one of her friend's super fun bday party
We love the zoo!  Here the girls are enjoying a break for lunch...
While Charlie enjoys a snooze
Driving with daddy...
Bouncing at Grandmom's

We decided to visit Powell Gardens....  They had amazing lego displays the day we were there.

How fun is it to peek through?  Fun enough I guess!  ;)
 And they are cute apples for sure!
 Mia is on the move!
 Picture opportunity!

 As aforementioned, the lego displays.  I found this to be quite impressive:
 Look who's driving!
 And of course we shouldn't miss out on some climbing practice too
 Fun in the sun

 This was Charlie's 2 month day photo.  Unfortunately I snuck it in right before bed so he was slightly cranky and not really having any of my desire to capture a moment.
Keep with me, I will soon venture to present day!  Maybe just catch up a little more....